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Parenting to Prevent: The Effects of Substances on the Developing Adolescent Brain (March 2017)

Dr. Ruth Potee is a nationally renowned family physician who specializes in addressing the opioid epidemic in Massachusetts. Her mission to educate communities about brain development in order to help stem the tide of opioid addiction. She will discuss the relationship of risk taking and addiction among teens and how teen brains are “under construction”

MV Youth Task Force Presents: Jeff Yalden

Lecture Series 2010 

Cory Scanlon: Forever Changed
Cory Scanlon speaks to the community after his presentation to the entire MVRHS student body. Cory survived as a driver in a fatal car accident with his two best friends. Cory shares his story with honesty and insightfulness allowing parents to ask important questions about his experience.

Dr. Martha Straus: Adolescent Girls and Substance Abuse

Kathi Meyer
Kathi discusses losing her daughter Taylor in an alcohol related incident.

Youth Task Force Meetings

May 13, 2010: Presentation on Survey Findings

MV Youth Task Force - Monthly Meeting with survey findings from Film-Truth Productions on Vimeo.

Youth Task Force of Martha's Vineyard