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Current Initiatives

The Youth Task Force has designed several subcommittees to increase the reach of the coalition in the community.  These subcommittees dedicate themselves to the initiatives that relate the most to the focus of their particular group.

Below is a list of the subcommittees and the initiatives that these groups are currently focusing on:


Community Outreach & Implementation

➢ Sticker Shock
➢ Compliance Checks
➢ Shoulder Taps
➢ Non-profit Outreach
➢ Youth Outreach and Activities
➢ Information Distribution and Participation in Community Events

Parent Involvement

➢ Refine Parent Survey
➢ Survey/Interview Parents
➢ Parent Networking
➢ Safe Homes Pledge
➢ Parent Event Planning
➢ Chat & Chowder Dinners
➢ Parent Mailings
➢ Lecture Series

Educational Outreach

➢ Lake Forest DVD
➢ Responsible Beverage Server Training
➢ Social Host Liability

Policies & Ordinances

➢ Party Hotline/patrol
➢ Responsible Beverage Server Training Ordinance
➢ Sticker Shock Ordinance
➢ Social Host Liability Ordinance
➢ Standardize police policies for underage drinking parties
➢ Alcohol Delivery Policies

Youth Task Force of Martha's Vineyard