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For some teens struggling in school or having social problems, dropping out and taking the general equivalency degree, or GED, is an understandable temptation. The GED is an alternate to getting a high school diploma and involves taking five tests to prove that even though you didn't graduate from high school, you have high school-level academic skills.

This program is for students who have not graduated from high school. If your child has dropped out, the GED can open doors to jobs, colleges, trade schools, or apprenticeship programs. Your child is eligible to take the GED if:

  • They are a resident of Massachusetts
  • They are 18 or older and not enrolled in school
  • They are 17, out of school, and the class to which you were assigned has graduated.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

If English is not your child's first language, there are programs that offer ESOL programs.

The following programs offer alternative solutions to learning, including GED and ESOL programs (please note: ACCCESS and GED services are for those aged 16 years and older):


Martha's Vineyard Public Schools (ESOL)

Martha's Vineyard Sheriff’s Department (GED)



Youth Task Force of Martha's Vineyard