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Conversations with Other Parents

While your kids might say that no other parents call to check out the situation at otherhomes, it isi a smart thing to do and many parents are doing it.  Here are some ways to start the converations with other parents.

"I understand you are having my son over tonight and some other kids are coming.  Are you going to be around?  Is there anything I can bring?  You know, my husband and I are really concerned about the kids and drinking.  How do you feel about that?"

"Hi, you don't know me well, but I thought that I would call to talk about the kids get - together last Saturday night.  Do you think anyone might have been drinking?"

"I am concerned that the kids might be drinking and I wondered if you had heard the same thing.  How do you and your husband feel about that?  We are really concerned."

"I heard you are having a big group of kids over this weekend.  Do you need some other parents to help?  What kinds of things can we do to make sure the kids aren't sneaking in alcohol?"

"I am really worried about the underage drinking situation here - can we talk?"
Youth Task Force of Martha's Vineyard