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If Underage Drinking Has Ocurred 

If you have discovered your child is drinking or suspect that it could happen, don't wait to have the conversation.  The sooner you begin discussing the issue the sooner you can change the behavior.

"You know, it is not true that everyone drinks - not everyone is doing it.  You need to be aware that you are making a very poor decision when you drink and that you do not have to drink to have fun."
"We are really disappointed that you made the decision to drink.  Let's talk about our famil rules and underage drinking.  It is harmful to you physically and mentally at this age."
"This is an important stage of development for you, and alcohol really gets in the way of you growing up healthy.  We want you to have all the opportunities you can have and alcohol can seriously damage your future."
"When you drink, you are putting your future and our family at risk.  There are serious legal consequences that can affect everyone in the house.  You need to really think about these things before you do something stupid like drinking."
"I've noticed that alcohol is missing from our house.  If you or your friends have taken it, we need to talk about that."
"It is such a shame you decided to drink when you know our house rules.  I want you to think about the consequences of your decision.  We'll talk tomorrow when you are sober."
Youth Task Force of Martha's Vineyard